New User Authorization - Web ID


The New User Authorization - Web ID page is used to verify your identity using a Web ID number, displaying to customers who entered a case number and social security number during the registration process.


12 Digit Web ID Number


·         What is its purpose?  The final step required to complete authorization, allowing you access to your case(s) on the Child Support Customer Service Portal.


·         How do I use it?  

o   Enter your Web ID.  This number is 12 digits long beginning with three (3).

§  If you don’t know your Web ID, please contact your local child support agency or call 1-800-686-1556 Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm for assistance

o   Click Continue to complete registration or

o   Click Cancel if you do not have the information needed


If the e-mail address entered during New Account Registration is shared by any other registered portal customer, the following error message appears:

*The E-mail address you entered in the first step of the registration process is associated with another individual registered for the portal. Please enter a new unique E-mail address for your account using the following link: Enter a different E-mail Address.*


Clicking on the Enter a different E-mail address link displays the User Authorization page where you must enter a new e-mail address.




·         What is its purpose?  Located at the top of the page, provides quick access to Glossary, FAQ’s and Screen Help.


·         How do I use it?

o   Click Help to access the Glossary, FAQ(s) and Screen Help

·      Click Glossary to view child support terms and definitions

·      Click FAQ to view Frequently Asked Questions regarding child support

·      Click Screen Help to see how to use each portal page




·      What is its purposeTo exit the Child Support Customer Service Portal.


·      How do I use it?  Located at the top right of the page; click Logout to exit the Child Support Customer Service Portal, returning to the Login page.